Blazing fast searches free forever

For Prestashop, Magento (coming) and WooCommerce (coming)
Too moooch faster. 

Increase your sales with free instant search

MooFinder is a module which provides instant search to your site without accounts, additional configuration or depending from third parties services. Only your shop and your module.

No matter how many instant searches do you perform over a month, they will be always free, because it is you and your server infrastructure, and the best is that no matter how slow your server is, MooFinder will be always be fast.

Try yourself. Open our demo and start typing in the search bar.

MooFinder is one of the essential modules for your shop.

  1. Increase your sales by reducing time needed to convert.
  2. Reduce the load of your site.
  3. Improve the user experience

Try now the demo or get it for your shop


Fast search in prestashop

No fees.

Only pay for the module once

Moofinder is not a service. It is a module that once installed on your shop brings to user an extermely fast search engine.

Since Moofinder is built to work on top layers of servers, it is probably the fastest search engine you can ever have.

Less than 100ms per search

Less than 100ms in almost any hosting

Its unique data system allows MooFinder offer incredible load times in almost any kind of hosting. Moofinder is not based on direct db queries and then it does not require preprocessing or compilation on server side.





Noob ready

No matter what your knowledge about code is. Moofinder is easy to use and easy to configure.

Get it ready in less than a minute.

Get it from official addons store

Easy to use.

Get MooFinder for only 99,99 €

Moofinder is on sale in the official Prestashop addons store.

Get it or Show me a demo


Powerful and affordable. Yeah!





The best solution

Similar to algolia without
monthly fees. MooFinder on its
first version does not have layer
filters, but will soon.